Monday, February 16, 2009

On the road again!

FINALLY! More paperwork than I ever expected but now it's all ready and I'm scheulded to leave for Latvia on 3/8.! This time it's only for court. I can't bring my girls back with me this trip, but I can visit them.
I'm planning a day with each of them. They are in different orphanages in different areas so it will need to be different days. I'm hoping to get a taxi soI don't have to involve the attorney and so I can stay as long as they'll let me and no one will be waiting for me! I will feel like I have to make it a short visit if someone comes with me.
I had really expected to be home with them by now, but I should have known that everything takes longer than expected with adoption - domestic and international!
It looks like my BFF (best friend forever) Margaret will be able to travel with me on the last trip in April to bring the girls home! That would be so much fun and so much easier! I've ordered the new double stoller and it should be here Wednesday. My parents bought a triple stoller for me for all three of my kids with DS so when we go to our "cabin" I can put them all in it when we go for walks. It's a triple jogging stoller, so it has those big wheels for the gravel road. You can be sure I won't be jogging!