Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gathering my Girls!

I'm leaving in the morning to bring the girls home! My friend Margaret is going with me to help with the girls on the airplane. We leave Easter Sunday and should be back on Saturday the 18th. I won't be taking the computer this trip so I wont' be posting until I get back two little angels richer!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm home again and feeling so blessed to have had all the help to make this dream come true. Next month the girls will be home and all our lives will be forever changed. Because I am now their legal mom I am posting pictures of my beautiful girls!

I see the moon the moon sees me
The moon sees the ones I long to see
So God bless the moon and God bless me
And God bless the ones, I long to see.

It seems to me, that God above
Created you, for me to love
He picked you out from all the rest
Because He knew, I'd love you best.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Visiting Myia

Today my facilitator and her friend drove me to Myia's orphanage. It is about an hour outside of Riga. It was a Baron's hunting lodge turned into an orphanage. The social worker took us on a tour while we were waiting for Myia to come back from her walk with her groupa. It is a huge house with three floors and huge rooms. Again what struck me was how clean and orderly and happy the rooms were. I got to take a picture of Myia's bedroom that she shares with 4 other little girls. She is the only one in her building with DS, but there is a 12 year old girl at this orphanage with DS but she is in another building.
There is a new direcctor at her orphanage. Today was only her 3rd day. She had fairly good English and she gave me her e-mail address and asked if I would send her updates! She was so happy for Myia to be adopted.
Myia was happy to see visitors and she came to hug me, but then it was really obvious that she remembered me and she gripped onto my neck with all her strength. And here's the testiment to her intellegence. I brought her an orange and when I unpealed it she sat there anticipating and when I broke off a slice she put her hand out and I said, "Show me, 'please". And she signed it!! Then when she wanted more she signed "more please!" The new director was amazed! When the orange was gone, I signed "all gone" and Myia smiled and signed it and babbled "ahhhgohhh". This is going to be so fun! Her hair is growing - yes, that horrible orphanage cut is growing out. She is so busy. What amazed me is that both girls are smaller than I remember! I don't know why I remembered them both bigger than they are.
Myia has an aunt who has been visiting her for 5 years. She wrote me a letter. She is sad, but happy for Myia. She asked if I would send her pictures and updates. She knows there is no future in Latvia for Myia and that America "is her only chance". And she asked that I not change Myia's name. There is a legend here about a young girl named Myia- this was from 1647 and she lived at the castle at Turaida. This was an adopted girl!!!!
After our visit with Myia we went to the castle and saw her grave. Beautiful castle built in 1207. When you go up in the tower you can see for miles. A view of Latvia I will never forget.
Tomorrow I leave for home. Then the waiting period, znc then back here in early April to bring home my girls!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signed and Sealed!

I had no internet connection last night so no way to post. It's worse in this apartment than the last. But I'm grateful that I do occasionally get a signal.
Court is done - the girls are now Duncans!!! There is the matter of the 20 day waiting period. No waiving it. So I will leave here tomorrow and come back in three weeks.
Yesterday I went to see Molly Jane. It has been almost three months since I saw her. I swear she knew me. Espeically when I sang to her! She is sick. The flu is at the orphanage. Which, after what happened to Katerina and Margarita, it makes me very nervous. They have two kids in the hospital and a few more in quarrentine. Molly is sick, but the orphanage doctor says it is a virus, not the flu. She has no fever. She was congested, but breathing fine.
I spent almost two hours with her Then she fell asleep on my lap. So they put her in her bed - visit over. I was grateful for the time I did have with her.
She is allergic to milk. I got that confirmed, but they do give her yogurt with no problems. And she does not drink from a bottle or a cup. They feed her liquids from a spoon just like I resorted to when she stayed with me for two weeks.
I did see a few of her playmates as they took me through her playroom to the employee lounge to visit with her. Cute little kids. None with DS, though.
Today Victoria found a friend with a car and they will take me to Myia's orphanage so I can visit with her.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back in Riga

It almost feels like being home. Funny how much I attached to this city when I was here in December!
Basically a non-eventfull flight. My suitcases were loaded with donations for the orphanage and I was worried that my bathroomn scale might be off and that they would be over the weight allowance, but they weren't. The plane took off on time which got me to Frankfurt in time to catch my next flight to Riga. It was snowing when I left Seattle and snowing when I arrived here. Bruno and Victoria were at the airport when I arrived. It was so nice to see them again. Just like reuniting with old friends!
Just a note that both flights were only about 1/2 full. Very different than the flights in December where every seat was taken. I'm wondering if it's the economy or if it was just the Christmas travel that I'm comparing these March flights. Regardless of the reason, it was nice, as I was able to get a bulkhead seat on the first flight with no one next to me and on the short hop from Frankfurt to Riga (3 hours) there was a seat empty between me and the man who was in the window seat. Much more comfortable than both flights in December. ( I slept for almost 5 hours!)
I'm in the same apartment building, but a different apartment on the third floor. It's another beautiful unit with everything I need for this short stay.
This morning I walked to the grocery store to buy a few things especially drinking water. The streets are filled with snow and slush and when you step off the curb you're in 7" of water. I learned to follow the locals as they seem to know where to step off to avoid soaking your feet.
In about an hour Victoria will come and we will take the bus to court. Bruno is already there with another client. I'm hoping this judge will understand why I'm here and why I'm adopting these specific girls.
I just want today to be over so I can go see my girls tomorrow!

Monday, February 16, 2009

On the road again!

FINALLY! More paperwork than I ever expected but now it's all ready and I'm scheulded to leave for Latvia on 3/8.! This time it's only for court. I can't bring my girls back with me this trip, but I can visit them.
I'm planning a day with each of them. They are in different orphanages in different areas so it will need to be different days. I'm hoping to get a taxi soI don't have to involve the attorney and so I can stay as long as they'll let me and no one will be waiting for me! I will feel like I have to make it a short visit if someone comes with me.
I had really expected to be home with them by now, but I should have known that everything takes longer than expected with adoption - domestic and international!
It looks like my BFF (best friend forever) Margaret will be able to travel with me on the last trip in April to bring the girls home! That would be so much fun and so much easier! I've ordered the new double stoller and it should be here Wednesday. My parents bought a triple stoller for me for all three of my kids with DS so when we go to our "cabin" I can put them all in it when we go for walks. It's a triple jogging stoller, so it has those big wheels for the gravel road. You can be sure I won't be jogging!