Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signed and Sealed!

I had no internet connection last night so no way to post. It's worse in this apartment than the last. But I'm grateful that I do occasionally get a signal.
Court is done - the girls are now Duncans!!! There is the matter of the 20 day waiting period. No waiving it. So I will leave here tomorrow and come back in three weeks.
Yesterday I went to see Molly Jane. It has been almost three months since I saw her. I swear she knew me. Espeically when I sang to her! She is sick. The flu is at the orphanage. Which, after what happened to Katerina and Margarita, it makes me very nervous. They have two kids in the hospital and a few more in quarrentine. Molly is sick, but the orphanage doctor says it is a virus, not the flu. She has no fever. She was congested, but breathing fine.
I spent almost two hours with her Then she fell asleep on my lap. So they put her in her bed - visit over. I was grateful for the time I did have with her.
She is allergic to milk. I got that confirmed, but they do give her yogurt with no problems. And she does not drink from a bottle or a cup. They feed her liquids from a spoon just like I resorted to when she stayed with me for two weeks.
I did see a few of her playmates as they took me through her playroom to the employee lounge to visit with her. Cute little kids. None with DS, though.
Today Victoria found a friend with a car and they will take me to Myia's orphanage so I can visit with her.


Amy said...

Linda!!! YAY!! I'm am so HAPPY for you and your precious new little girls!!!!:):)

LIN said...

Hurray for the new little Duncan girls!! Congratulations.

Shelley said...

Congratulations Linda! Praying the next 20 days go by quickly for you!

Valerie said...

Congratulations Linda!!! I cannot wait until you finally have your girls forever in your arms! Praying these next few weeks fly by!

Arizona mom to eight said...

(Cheering and clapping) Linda, after the bumpy raod you have been on, this is such a wonderful post to read. God bless you and your new daughters. Praying the next 20 days is worry free.

Katya Bukowski said...

Congratulations on two new daughters!

Katya, RR

Alice said...

So happy to read about the newest Duncan girls!!! I hope the time goes by quickly. Can't wait to hear about Mayia

Carson's Mom said...

Congratulations on the latest additions to the family!


Jaimie said...