Thursday, March 12, 2009

Visiting Myia

Today my facilitator and her friend drove me to Myia's orphanage. It is about an hour outside of Riga. It was a Baron's hunting lodge turned into an orphanage. The social worker took us on a tour while we were waiting for Myia to come back from her walk with her groupa. It is a huge house with three floors and huge rooms. Again what struck me was how clean and orderly and happy the rooms were. I got to take a picture of Myia's bedroom that she shares with 4 other little girls. She is the only one in her building with DS, but there is a 12 year old girl at this orphanage with DS but she is in another building.
There is a new direcctor at her orphanage. Today was only her 3rd day. She had fairly good English and she gave me her e-mail address and asked if I would send her updates! She was so happy for Myia to be adopted.
Myia was happy to see visitors and she came to hug me, but then it was really obvious that she remembered me and she gripped onto my neck with all her strength. And here's the testiment to her intellegence. I brought her an orange and when I unpealed it she sat there anticipating and when I broke off a slice she put her hand out and I said, "Show me, 'please". And she signed it!! Then when she wanted more she signed "more please!" The new director was amazed! When the orange was gone, I signed "all gone" and Myia smiled and signed it and babbled "ahhhgohhh". This is going to be so fun! Her hair is growing - yes, that horrible orphanage cut is growing out. She is so busy. What amazed me is that both girls are smaller than I remember! I don't know why I remembered them both bigger than they are.
Myia has an aunt who has been visiting her for 5 years. She wrote me a letter. She is sad, but happy for Myia. She asked if I would send her pictures and updates. She knows there is no future in Latvia for Myia and that America "is her only chance". And she asked that I not change Myia's name. There is a legend here about a young girl named Myia- this was from 1647 and she lived at the castle at Turaida. This was an adopted girl!!!!
After our visit with Myia we went to the castle and saw her grave. Beautiful castle built in 1207. When you go up in the tower you can see for miles. A view of Latvia I will never forget.
Tomorrow I leave for home. Then the waiting period, znc then back here in early April to bring home my girls!


Julie said...

I loved reading this post about Myia. She sounds like a sharp little cookie! You must have felt so good to see her recognition of you. It must have really made your day. The new director sounds wonderful! Congratulations on being a step closer to having your girls home.


Arizona mom to eight said...


I loved reading your update, you write so well and I hang on to every word. Myia does sound like a smart girl, how wonderful! April will be here before you know it! I can;t wait to see some pictures of the girls.

Anonymous said...

Linda is is great to know that all is well and that yes in deed they are your daughters now.. It has been a long journey that God has led you on but one with a very happy ending. Can't wait to see pictures of these little ones. Hugs

Carolyn Fenton said...

Wow. Congratulations!!
My thoughts are with you as you travel back.
Carolyn F.

schoolmother said...

Linda, I am so happy that your girls remembered you and that you will be back soon to take them home. Congrats on 2 new Duncans!

WannaBe Mom said...

Yippee, yeah!!!!! Can you believe you are so close to them being home? I think it's awesome that you were able to get pictures of the orphanage. I'm going to ask to do the same. You will have to be sure to post about how leaving them was this time. I have been so torn as to whether to visit Dina or not. I don't want to upset the apple cart. I'm interested to know your slant.
I look forward to hearing all about court etc... Congrats and more congrats!!! Lisa M

Missy said...

What fun stories and news!! And to know that Myia remembered you must've been QUITE a moment for you! I am so happy for you, Linda!! You always make my day. :o) I can't wait to see pictures! Now that they are Duncans, are you allowed to post some?

The Keno Family said...

What a wonderful update Linda! I am so happy for you-you are a giant step closer to bringing your girls home. I am praying for you to have a safe trip home and that April will be here before you know it. Praise God! Mary Ellen