Monday, April 8, 2013

Update on Maria!

Maria has now been home for 10 months now.  Her transition into our home is the easiest of all 14 adopted kids.  From the first day she walked into our home it's as though she's always been here.
She has grown physically for sure.  She came home in size 3T clothes and now is wearing 6.  Her shoes were a size 8 and are now a 10.  But more than the physical growth, her developmental growth is phenominal.
She had no expressive language - she now has 25-30 words that are understandable.  She has learned twice that amount of signs.  She is signing a whole sentence at the table, "May I have more milk please."
She is calling out, "Mama" to get my attention.  Her receptive language is age appropriate.  She knows most colors and will sign them and has learned to totally dress herself and moves through our families routine without a hitch all day long.
She's gone directly from absolutely no school into the third grade with her brother Lucas.  From the first day at school she took ownership of her desk and moves through her school day with joy.
More than that she has stolen the hearts of all who meet her.  That sad little face now has a very quick smile and a belly luagh that brings joy to my heart.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you to have Maria, Linda! I can see that she'd adjusted very easily with her new environment. And I must say that she is confident as well. I'm glad that it hadn't been hard for you to handle her.

Aiko Dumas