Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally here!

I am in country now and have caught up on sleep.  Flying fromt the west adds around 5 hours air time plus this time there was a 7 hour layover.  Flying in the winter is cheaper and faster.  Golden Rule almost couldn't get me here.
But I am here!  This morning I ventured out and walked downtown.  It took me less than an hour to get downtown so it's not too far.  I'm in the Hotel Europe so this trip I am south of downtown.  Went over the eagle bridge and straight into where the demonstrations were being held.  I could hear them before I could see them.  Just a whole lot of shouting.  I talked to a police who was behind a baracade and he said so far all was peacful and to enjoy the sites of the city.  Sofia like Riga, Latvia is breath-taking.  We have nothnig this old in the whole United States and in Washington State I doubt  there's nothing more than 150 years old. 
There's a grocery with baby food and diapers right around the corner so if anyone else is coming to Hotel Europe you can get supplies here.
Tomorrow Yavor will pick me up at 8am and we will drive to Pleven.
So excited! 


Grace said...

Yay!!!!! Sweet, sweet Kolina :) I'm beyond excited that her mommy is on the way!!!

Julia said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! GET THAT GIRL OUT!! PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD!! I've been wondering and praying and praying and wondering! Yeah!!

Katie said...

Hallelujah! Thank God you are finally there to break that sweet girl free! I know you have waited long enough... both of you! Prayers for safe travels and a smooth adjustment :)