Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First full day together

She slept through the night, I like that in a child.  A very nice quality.
But the constant spitting up has to go.  I decided to put her on the BRAT diet and went to the little grocery store near the hotel to see if I could find more rice ceral and applesauce.  I asked the clerk if she could look at the labels for me, but she had only limited English so together we were finally able to gesture/point/laugh that this box has rice and apples in it and no wheat.  OK.  close enough.  I was also able to find some baby food jars with apples with bananas already in it.  That was helpful.
Good thing she loves it, she's now had it for 24 hours straight and NO spitting up!  I wonder if she has Celiac.  Well, there's time for inestigating that when we get home.
We took a walk after the store, but she was very fussy, which is not at all like her.  When I got back to the hotel I spotted the infant car seat that I brought for the airplane ride home, and decided to try later putting it into the stroller so I could see her face.  That worked.  In the evening we went for a longer walk and she was fine as long as she could see me.  I remember Molly wasn't happy early on when I pushed the stroller, but if a sibling did then she could see me walking beside her.
I'm concerned about her legs.  The almost seem disconected from her.  When I pick her up, her legs dangle for several seconds before she seems cognizant to wrap them around my waist.  And when I'm changing her, her little legs seem lifeless.  She is not weight bearing so I know that's part of it. 
Looking at her teeth makes my mouth hurt.  I don't know how she can stand the pain.  Soemthing has to be done about them.and that probably means most of them need to be pulled.
Today is our final do nothing day.  Tomorrow will be her medical exam and then the embassy.  I'm hoping to move up my flight and go home Friday instead of Saturday.  I'd love to get her home a day sooner!


Susanna said...

I can't stop the tears when I see these photos and videos, Linda. I am SO THANKFUL she is finally with YOU and I can hardly wait to see her bloom!

Abigail Caple said...

aww...she is so precious. =)

Laurie said...

oh what a beautiful rosebud..... just waiting to bloom in the sunshine of your love!! Can't wait to see!

MamaV said...

Look at those eyes... How beautiful!

MommaofMany said...

Finally, finally!! Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your wonderful life, Little One! Praise the Lord!

eliz said...

(((BIG HUGS))) from the Archers!

Carol said...

Congratulations!!! Kolina is so beautiful, Linda. Prayers for an uneventful rest of your week and trip home. Enjoy these days bonding with your newest daughter!

lizzielou said...

Beautiful girl. So very happy for you both!

rosedel said...

Seeing her now, with you, is a blessing. No matter how bad her teeth or her legs are, she has you now to hold her tight. Thank you God!

Sonya said...

I am so glad she's in your arms! Congratulations! Such wonderful news. :)

heatherbrown said...

Aww, she is so beautiful and gentle!