Friday, November 28, 2008

36 hours to blast off!

The girls just helped me go through my checklist and double check everything in the luggage that I've been throwing in for the last two weeks. I was worried that each would weigh over 50 lbs which is the max weight for each checked bag on Lufthansa, but when I weighed them on the bathroom scale they were each 40 lbs! That was a relief.
Katie and I packed the clothes for the girls. Not an easy task since we don't know what size they are. So we packed a variety of sizes and I'll just make due. Most of it I will leave for the orphanage anyway, since I want to donate as much as I can to them and will bring more next trip. We ended up packing an out fit for each girl in size 4, 5, and 6. We figure I can roll sleeves and cuffs if they're too big. I had bought two darling sage green parka's at Ross with pink lining and dug out a pair of snow pants for each of them. Shoes is the hardest part. I'm just trusting that the orphanage will have a pair for each of them that we can borrow for this trip.
I have my laptop back and I've had one lesson with the web cam! My son Charlie is so amazing on the computer. He never had classes and he can do just about anything with them. We're going to be using just our instant messenger with the web cam and we'll see how that works! It worked good from my desk to the dining room table! Theoretically it should work from the other side of the world.
Julia's 14th birthday is Monday and I'll be in the air somewhere over the north pole so we celebrated her birthday tonight. I had really hoped to not miss any important family dates, but with the size of our family that is next to impossible.
Tonight I got the news that the family that was going to adopt Katerina won't be able to make that happen. Why God? Why can't those two girls have a family? I can only trust that He has a wonderful plan for my Ukrainian daughters. At least she and Margarita will still be together.
I checked the weather at my destination and it is 36 degrees during the day. I really hope for light snow while I'm there. Just not too much to get around. I'm assuming they are used to snow and won't slow down their city.


AZmomto8 said...

Linda, we are praying for your trip and always add katerina and Margarita to our daily prayers too. I did not hear about Katerina's family, I am so sad for her.

schoolmother said...

Linda, I am so excited that you are on your way--or maybe even there, I don't know! I can't wait until we see pictures.