Friday, December 16, 2011


I am not a blogger, let's get that straight right now. I don't have time to do this, nor do I think my everyday life is of much interest to anyone but us.

But the addition of another child to our family is a big deal - no it's a huge deal and I can't keep this to myself any longer. I'm adding a 15th child to my family (actually it's 17th if you count my grown kids, and I do, but it will make 15 at home.)

Kolina is 9 years old TODAY. She is in the same country as Maria, but in a different town and a different orphanage. And you can take different to the biggest extreme you can imagine. Because where she is, no child should be. Maria's orpanage is poor, but she is loved and fed. Kolina is not loved, nor fed.

Kolina is wasting away. She is 9 years old and weighs 19 lbs. When the Bible tells us to do unto the least of these Kolina and other children on the 3rd floor of this place are what I believe God was talking about. This orphanage looks good from the outside and on the main floors, but what it looks like to me is that the kids with disabilities, the ones that have been deemed "worthless" are moved upstairs and ignored. That's where my Kolina is.

So when I read about her, I knew I couldn't let my approval from the USCIS for that second child go unfilled. So here's a picture of my sweet Kolina! Happy Birthday Kolina. I'm coming to get you!


Home is where the HEART is... said...

Wonderful! Go get her! I have been praying for Kolina and I will keep praying until she is HOME with her FOREVER family!


Colleen said...

God bless you. Kolina has been so heavy on my heart and I am so elated to see her mama go public, and on her birthday, what a blessing!

orphans4me said...

Love ya Linda! May God continue to give you grace, love, mercy, strength--well, whatever gifts He knows you need. And Happy Birthday to your newest addition.
Joy McClain

annie said...

Oh so joyful to find out that Kolina will have a HOME and LOVE in her life. God bless you. Will be praying you through your journey...

Nikki said...

What a cutie!

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Unknown said...

Dear Kristina, I am part of the giveaway on Julias blog, I read about you from there.God bless you for saving these children. May the Lord multiply our efforts as he did the fish and loaves, and provide all of your needs for these children.I would love to adopt, please pray the Lord moves the two mountans that stand in our way. Diana Tyree wetyrees@gmail.com

Holly Fedele said...

I just read your story on Katie Musser's blog.

You, Kolina, and Coleen are in my prayers. I'm so glad you and Coleen are reunited. I'm so thankful that times have changed, at least here in the US, and my beautiful son Trent never knew and will never know such pain and suffering. He has been loved by me, his father, and his siblings, from the very first day of his life. Your story will never leave my heart, I can promise you that.

Anna T said...

I recently read your story on Susanna's blog through tears, a book of stories should be published so that they are not forgotten. I'm praying for you as you bring home sweet Molly and Kolina. I'm also praying for change in these countries as the US changed not very long ago. Prayers, Anna T (loving mommy to four including our youngest, Jacob, born 11/13/2009 (T21)).

Jo's Corner said...

Dear Linda ~ Though I had read Coleen's story before, I was happy to read it again on Susanna's blog. The second time I read it, I found myself holding my breath. When I came to the part where you were told that Coleen had died, I sobbed. We are close in age ( a guess as I looked at the photos of you & Coleen as children!) and I was the same type of teenager that you were. I remember pleading with my Mom to adopt. And, I too had a love for children who had Down Syndrome. I am single and happy, but always dreamed of being a Mama! But, it hasn't happened..yet! I have done foster care and I have been a Nanny for many years, so I sort of have children. But, none that call me Mama. I don't understand why things have turned out this way, but my heart is always open. You have a beautiful family and I know that each child is a blessing to you. I will be praying that you get to bring your two new daughters home SOON! You are my Hero! ~ JO

Saige Hassler said...

Praying for your family!!!

Christine said...

Read about your family on the blog "Micah Six Eight." Made a donation to your Reese's Rainbow account.
With Prayers,
the Nichols family