Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I asked today for a list of donors to Kolina and Maria's Reecce's Rainbow adoption fund. I am amazed that, other than three people on the list, I don't know any of you! I was lovingly told by an online adoptive mom that those of you who gave might want to remain annonymous, many of you will remain annonymous because I don't know how to contact you! I didn't think about that when I asked for the list. I had hoped to write grateful thank yous to the folks who donated. I thought about sending you updates about the girls and keep you personally informed when they come home, but without any way to reach you, all I can do is hope that you kept the link to this blog so you can see that I am so grateful for every penny that was donated to help bring the girls home.
As with most adopting families we are scrutinized down to our last dime and we are officially certified that we can financially support another child or two. But what most folks don't realize is how much the adoption costs. Adoption costs in Eastern Europe can run around $25,000 for one child. Most of us don't have that kind of money lying around.
Know that you are truly appreciated and that our Heavenly Father knows who you are and what you have done to bring the orphans that He loves so much that He gives us all a mandate to take care of them...know that you are not annonymous to Him! You have made Him smile today!

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Katie said...

I'm keeping the link to your blog. It's on my follow list. I look forward to hearing about the girls coming home - and by the way, I'm not sure if you ever read this, but I read your story, that Susanna posted on her blog. I identify strongly with the strength of the bond that can form with no legal or blood ties. Thank you for sharing it. I'm judged a lot for my choices with regards to my Dear Borrowed Kids... because I'm... too giving? Care too much? I can't understand it. Anyways, it was heartening to not feel alone for once.

I can't wait to see the girls come home. Their redemption is worth every penny. :)