Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Count Down For Maria

Dear Friends,
Before I write, I want to thank those who have left encouraging comments for me. It means so much to have your support and for your oooo's and ahhhh's about Kolina's progress. There is progress and changes, and so much more to be done.
As you can tell I had no words to share on Friday. Saying goodbye was like a log in my throat. I'm so glad she didn't really understand that it was goodbye, not for a night like the past 4 days, but for probably 6 months.
She is such a precious little soul and it really seemed like we had always known each other. I don't understand why her Creator put my daughter on the farthest side of the world from me, but I praise Him for the ability to get to her. This week will always be special to me. Chow Chow, Kolina.
And now the first of the two days wait to go get Maria. This was a beautiful sunny day and Toni arranged for me to visit the orphans at the Tokuda Hospital. There were four tiny orphans there this week, but by Saturday, all but one was heading back to the orphanage. So I went to visit little "E". She is 7 months old and the most beautiful child! She had black curly hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin. She is in there for an orthopedic condition. Her hips are out of line and they are trying a conservative method of correcting this with a brace rather than surgery. She will need to wear the brace for three months. She was all smiles and amazing eye contact throughout my visit. I had brought a few toys that I was allowed to hang on her crib side. One of them was a musical toy that was activated by pulling a ring.
One of the things they were trying to do was to get her to roll over with the cast on so she could get tummy time. Without the cast she can do it. but has been unwilling and unable to do it yet. When I hung the toy, I scooted her over near it and put the ring in her hand and then I pulled her hand back to activate the music. She was very excited. I moved her a little farther back and she tried and tried to reach it and as you have figured out she had to roll to that side to reach it. She never did totally roll over, but she was getting close. It was an enjoyable afternoon and the orphanage worker who was there knows my Kolina (and Plamenka and Vessilina, and Veronika/Katie) and it turns out that she was there at the hospital when Kolina was there. I called Toni and she translated some information the woman gave us about Kolina at that time. It turns out that little "E" was in the very bed that my Kolina was in! A very sweet coincidence.
And now as I write this it just turned midnight so I can officially say that Maria has only one more day in the orphanage! After one more day there will be one less orphan living in an institution. Coleen, it's all because of you, my inspiration. You gave your life to save these 15 orphans. How many people can say that because of them some crazy old woman built a family of 15 orphans. Who are you inspiring? I'm coming Maria....just one more day.


Mary said...

What beautiful sentiments. I will try harder to post here every day. I know how important it is when you are there to KNOW that others are following along. I check your blog at least 4 times a day...quite a feat with all of these guys home on summer break. Thank goodness that my phone can check it!!.Kolina is so beautiful. I love the name Nikolina. Are you going to keep it? Tell eveyone in Blagoevgrad that Marty (that was his name there...Marty Georgiv) is doing wel, growing and really communicating with sign language. Love you sista!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful Aunt Linda! Prayers and wonderful, warm thoughts are being sent yours, Kolina's and Maria's way. You have the Timoney Team on your side, now and forever.
Much, much, much love to you and your ever growing family,

Katie said...

Linda, you make me cry... in a good way. As you once said "I'm not a blogger"... but in the posts you have written, I can feel your love for not just your children, but all children... for not just 'normal' people... but special people too. And I can't even tell you how touched I was by your story about Coleen, I know I've said it before, but I think about it regularly. Because, well, in high school, I was known as "that girl that doesn't really have a kid but always has one in a stroller after school". Picked up my Dear Borrowed Girl, came back for club meetings, haha. Thanks be to God, she's been living with me for two months. <3 Thank you for your dedication to kids. I hope once Maria and Kolina are home, you'll consider a brief post to let us know how they're doing, how you're doing. I'm not nosy or particularly demanding... but I love, love, LOVE to hear about these kids coming to life as they come home... and supporting their families through the times that challenge. HUGS!

rosedel said...

For someone who is not a blogger, you write a darn good post. Thanks for sharing.

Eight Is Great said...

Linda I am praying for you right now as I am sure you are getting ready to go get your sweet daughter. We will also continue to pray that Kolina will continue to grow until the day you come to bring her home for good!