Saturday, June 23, 2012

Home for one week!

So hard to beleive it's already been a week at home. It's like she's always lived with us!

Seriously, no bumps in the road with her at all. The only change I made was putting her in the crib. I had planned on putting her in the bunk bed in Mariana and Myia's room, but she made it clear the first night that she was not going to sleep in that bed. Not that she had a fit, but the minute I walked out of the room she got out of bed and sat in the little chair in the bedroom with her arms folded across her chest. With obvious resolve her body language said, I'm not sleeping in THAT bed.

So I took her across the hall to Molly and Beth's room and put her into the crib that I have ready for Kolina and she settled right in. OK, little one! I'm fine with that! She has been there since.

She eats evrything that is put in front of her. No food battles, no hesitation with anything (well, there is the quiet insistence that she doesn't eat grapes - she rolls them across the table to Beth, who loves grapes) She is eating not only one helping, but asking for more of everything. More milk, more, sandwich , more, more, more. Yes, I know it's very typical out-of-the-orphanage behavior, but it's thrilling as a mom to have NO FOOD ISSUES!

She is signing about 15 signs and SHE IS TALKING!!!

She had no Bulgarian words that anyone could recognize, but she is consistently saying "More", "Up", "Mama", "Bye bye" "Stop", "no", "spider", "dog", "cat"....very clearly, no guessing if she's really saying any of those words.

Although she is 9 years old, it's obvious her peer group is Molly, 5, DS and Beth 2, Larson Syndrome. And that's perfect too, since it makes regressing her for bonding that much easier.

So now to some pictures!


Blessedmom said...

She's precious, Linda!!! Thank you for sharing those lovely pix of those lovely girls! The Godone-Maresca Family

rosedel said...

Thanks for the update and sharing your family.

mommajeane said...

They are precious.