Monday, June 25, 2012

More Maria and Sisters

Some more pictures from the other day. Glad to catch her on film smiling...and the one where their hands are up in the air, we're singing, "The Itsy, bitsy, Spider" When she wants us to sing it she makes the spider motion and says "spider".


Katie said...

What precious kids! Maria looks like she's really blossoming with you! I love that she loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. My dear borrowed boy loves 'Baa, Baa, Black Sheep'. When he wants to sing it he goes, in this high pitched voice, "Baa baa baa!" So cute. Oh, and I LOVE their dresses. Do you sew, or know someone who sews, or do you just shop someplace with really adorable clothes? ;)

Linda said...

Hi Katie, Thanks for appreciating my beautiful girls.
I shop second hand and get handme downs from many families who support me. I'm sort of old fashioned when I dress my little ones. My friends tell me they all look like 1950's babies! LOL That's just the style I like - smocking, and gingham, and overalls on little boys. It's so much fun! Maria also likes "La-La- La La, Elmos's song". She'll "lalala" to get us all to sing it to her. Linda

eliz said...

Hi! Linda!! Just catching up on your blog! Wow! She is beautiful and fits in your home perfectly! I can't wait to see Kolina home with her too! Love it!! (((HUGS)))

Susanna said...

Catching up here too, Linda! Thank you for taking time to post pics in the midst of a SUPER BUSY life; I appreciate it! Sending love!

Sabrina said...

Absolutely beautiful girls! Maria sounds like she's doing so well. What a blessing!