Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pleven Day Two

Today was an amazing day in many ways. The new director gave me permission to visit other children! So I was able to see many of the kids who have been committed to in our group. It is so nice to be able to repay those moms who were here before me and they were able to get me pictures of Kolina but even more important, the knowledge that someone in our "family" has seen my child! Someone has laid eyes on my child and they are ok.

Is this a place I would want to see any child? No- but having laid eyes on them and knowing they are alive and ok is so valuable.

Then it was another 3 hours with my Kolina. I was able to talk with the Psychologist who agreed with me that Kolina is probably autistic. He was relieved to know that I knew it and that I was experienced with a child with DS and Autism. He spoke good English and it was nice to talk with someone here who "gets it". He and I even discussed how this country is much like the US was forty years ago, with regards to general philosophy of how to deal with children with disabilites. He says he has hope that with all of us coming to adopt these children that the Baba's and the staff and the country in general will understand that each child is worthy of a family and education.

Kolina seemed very tired today. I am not sure if it was overstimulation from yesterday or if she is coming down with a bug. She did seem to remember me and put her arms up for me to pick her up. This morning was in the second floor playroom with 4-5 kids with their Babas. Elizabeth's son Valentine was there with his Baba, so I got to spend three hours with both of them! Elizabeth, he is a doll and very interactive. Smiles and laughter!

Kolina loves flashing lights (Just like Lucas!) There is a muscial toy that is like a piano and it plays music and the lights flash, She like to put her face right down on the light and watch it flash. When the music stops she slap the table and cried and the Baba would push the button to make more music and make the lights flash. I showed kolina, by placing her hand on the button that she could make it start herself. She didn't understand it for a few times, but then she would start slapping her hand at the button instead of on the frame of the toy. She still can't make it start unless I aim her hand perfectly on the button, but I think she understands the concept now.

In a few minutes I can go back and see her for the afternoon session. Tomorrow we will go get her photo taken for the Embassy. I will be interested to see how she does in the car.


Jennifer said...

It is so heartwarming to hear that the new director let you see other children. I have been so anxious to know what the new director is like and praying for a kind person. I don't know if you saw our son - no one seems to, and I never know why (and if that's a good thing or a bad thing). But please enjoy the wonderful time you have with Kolina and God bless your efforts there!!!

eliz said...

Yes!! I saw him in the back ground right away!! Tom can't wait to trim that hair LOL!! Moses (Valentin) is JOYFUL always!!
Thank You!! (((HUG)))

Eight Is Great said...

Oh Linda I am so glad you are able to see the positives there at Pleven. I just love the difference in Kolina even from when we saw her just a few months ago. What a blessing for you to get to talk with the doctor about her. Enjoy your visits with Kolina!

Linnea said...

She doesnt even look the same. I was looking to see if I saw my boys? Have you seen Misha? Or Shawn? we call Shawn Judah. Oh how i would love to catch a glimpse. I pray you have an amazing time and Kolina just keeps gets better and better. Be blessed


anna said...

WOW she looks so much better than her picture on Reece's rainbow. I am so happy for you and for her. I pray that this means ALL children there are getting better care. Not just the ones they know we are watching. :) She is so beautiful.

spahrfamily said...

Oh my...She is precious and adorable. She appears to be a good addition and good fit for the Duncan family.
Yes, my dear friend, if anyone is capable of this kind of challenge (DS and Autism) you are the one!! I know that to be a fact!
Love you,

Susanna said...

I am nearly speechless after seeing her scoot along on the little riding toy, Linda! WOW.

Praise God the new director gave you permission to see the other children! So wonderful!