Monday, June 11, 2012

Gotcha Day!

The pictures tell the story, but somehow they loaded upside down, so start at the one just above me and work to the top. I warned you, I'm not a blogger!!! LOL

Maria Christine Duncan is no longer an orphan! Today we left at 6am to make the two hour drive to her orphanage and within minutes we were taken up stairs to her area. The pictures will explain it all. The workers really loved her and many were in tears as we left.

Then we drove back to town and went to the police station with Tammy and her family with her three new kids to get passport pictures taken and to get the process started to have a passport by Friday.

The "Will the Orphan Eat and Drink Out of the orphanage food issue" is a non issue for this one! I had bought some baby food, just in case and she let me feed her the whole jar. Then I ordered room service of a sandwich and soup and she ate 1/2 the sandwich and the whole bowl of soup! Already she's signing "more"!

Then when I unpacked our room and she saw the stroller she wanted to get in it. So I set it up and she climbed in. She insisted on the seat belt being fastened and she just settled in watching me unpack. I handed her toys and she turned them around in her hands, but didn't really play with them. She did look carefully at the books, Studying each page all the way through. She was meant to be a Duncan!

Everytime I would unbucle the stroller belt, she would gesture that she wanted it back on. When she finally started yawning I got her out and underessed her and laid her down on the bed for a nap. I was tired too and I wasn't sure she would stay in bed, so I laid down on the other side. She slid over so that her face was right next to mine and she put her hand on my arm. She spent about twenty minutes making sounds that made me she's listing things for me. So I repeated each sound and she thought that was pretty funny. Always she goes back to signing and chanting "Shoe, shoe, shoe". I think it will always be our love song.

She stayed on the bed for two hours and I watched CNN there with her. We played peek a boo with the blanket, and studied each other's faces. When she got up she went right back to the stroller and wanted to be buckled in, but first she moved the stroller right over here to the desk where I was sitting and got in it. And her hand is resting on my arm while I'm typing.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! She is just beautiful and looks so pretty in her dress! She sounds like such a little love :) Thank you for sharing your very special day! Blessings to you and your new daughter!!

Amy L said...

Awww, it's like she's been waiting for you all along!:) She is ready to get on with her life. Let's get in this stroller and go Mama!! Congratulations Linda!

Sandy Harris said...

Linda, thanks so much for taking the time to blog. I love sharing in your journey. It's been so long, but she seems right at home. What a sweetie.

Sandy Harris said...
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Missy said...

Oh, Linda, that is soooooo wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you - she sounds PERFECT!!! :oD

Sabrina said...

Beautiful...both Maria and reading of your first day together. Congratulations on your newest blessing!

Jenny said...

Linda, I had just put on my makeup and now it is all a mess!! I am so happy for you. I am so happy for her and Kolina and all your kids. Hugs.