Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Leslie!

My daughter Leslie turns 16 today! Happy Birthday dear Leslie! I love you and I'm so proud to be your mom. It is such a sacrifice you make and you never once complained when we had to have your party early because I was travelling. Just like Julia when I went to Latvia and we had to do the same for her. I know you understand because you were once without a family too and these girls need to have the same chance to be surrounded by so many of us who will love them!
I love you precious girl!
This morning I went for a long walk in Sofia. I started out thinking I would make it to the Lion's Bridge, but went right instead of left when the road split so I just had a different walk than I intended.
Tomorrow I will turn left!
I had the honor of having lunch with Toni and her mom today! What a family this is! I know each of us keep saying that during and after our trips, but until you are here and see how this whole family works to help these kids you really have no idea how it consumes everything they do. All of their time is spent getting these children homes.
The Budapest is just as nice as everyone says. I do agree that at night it is cold here. I have the heat turned up all the way and it is not warm - not cold, but to warn you that you might want to think extra blanket when you are packing. There were enough blankets that I slept well, but sitting in the room toward the window it is chilly.
The free breakfast was great....hint for those following me: The restaurant is downstairs and the buffet is around the corner in another room from where the tables are. There is a waiter there who keeps the buffet stocked but when I came in he was no where to be seen and I didn't see the food and just sat down in the first table. Then he came and pointed to the little room and there was the food. It was a good buffet and good coffee.

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