Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Monring -first visit

Today we got to take her out of the orphanage for a trip to the photographer for her Visa picture. The caretaker, who it turns out to be her "teacher" came with us. She is the woman who was doing exercises with Maria in the lobby yesterday. She's very good with her, but knows no English. I would have loved to have a long conversation with her. Toni did ask some questions and gave me great information,but still it's not like communicating in the same language.
Maria absolutely loved the car ride. Just like in the visit room she sat still, didn't fight the seat belt, and didn't try to stand up.
We walked quite a distance (for her) from where we parked to the photographer. Maria walked the whole way holding onto the teacher's hand and mine. When she got into the shop and the teacher sat her on the stool she sat like a little statue, but she could not hold her gaze at the camera. Her eyes were darting every which way, just taking in everything in the store. But she never moved - never tried to get down, never a fuss. Finally he got the "mug shot" that the regulations require. Amazing little girl!
When we got back to the orphanage we finally got to spend some time outside. It has been rainy and windy the first two days. Today was sunny and warmer - although we still needed jackets. They are working on the road to the orphanage and she wasn't fascinated with the trucks and tractors like your little Martin, Mary, but instead the noise was distressing to her. She didn't cry, but the jack hammer breaking up concrete was definately worrying her. I showed her the sign for loud and tried to reassure her, but everytime it started up her face clouded over.
Toni took some video of her walking so I can show it to the Physical Therapist at school. She has one foot -her right foot, turns out quite a bit when she walks and still at 8 she is not steady on her feet. (although I've not seen her fall).
She kissed me! Once when she first came in with her teacher. Walked over to me asked with her arms to be picked up and within a few minutes, kissed me!
Then towards the end of the visit I was standing holding her and rocking and she kissed me again! Oh my gosh! I love this child! I can't even begin to think of Friday and saying "chow" to her for the last time. This is going to be so hard. But I'm going to focus on NOW and stop worrying about the future. I see her again in just 3 1/2 hours.

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