Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home now and back to waiting

I really left the blog hanging...stopped writing after day one with Maria #2 (Mimi).
The second day Mimi couldn't hold it together anymore and gave me a glimpse of behaviors that wouldn't fit with my family. Would that make her ineligible for any family? Absolutely not! But, sadly it does mean that she can't become a Duncan.
I came home several days early and did my I 800 and sent that off.
Now I'm back to waiting. I'm estimating that I will return to bring Maria home in February or March. Why is it that when holidays happen and you have a child half way around the world there's just a spark of joy missing on that holiday? I thought of her today when the kids were putting on their costumes and playing party games. I wanted her to be here learning about this tradition and being part of the fun. I know her absence is going to shadow Thanksgiving and Christmas this year too.
And so we wait....be well, Maria. Be well and happy. Someone is trying to get to you.


spahrfamily said...

I am sorry things didn't work out with Mimi. I know you will only do what is best for your family.Can't wait to hear you are able to return for your other baby.

janie said...

Buying a kid!! Fobbing the cost of her purchase on others!! Supporting an awful corrupt system of trafficking and abuse!! Don't even get me started on RR -- disruptions (check out noknots.blogspot.com) and even MURDER (literally!!! See

rachelleevensen said...

Hi Linda, I am so happy to read that Maria will be home soon! What a sweet little love! Congratulations! I left you a message on the RR forum. Not sure how often you check that so I thought I'd try here, too! I'd love a chance to talk with you about something! :)

Rachelle (adopting Gideon/Eddie in 54)

Katie said...

Hi Mama! Hey, I was referred to your blog because I inquired about advocating for a child who I'm told is the little girl you call Mimi, and was told you might have more information about her and her needs. She reminds me very much of my dear borrowed girl A (see my blog for explanation on that one, lol) who was well on the road to RAD when I met her at two, I can't imagine where she'd be if things hadn't changed for her. Anyways, I don't want to publish my e-mail on here but if you don't mind, would you e-mail me via my 'email me' option on my blog? I'd like to ask you more about her privately. Thanks so much.

Katie said...

And I just realized it wasn't on my blog. I put my backup email on there. I can put that here too. It is Callmecrazycbus@hotmail.com. I don't check it often but I will check it since I just gave it to you and added it to my page... but I'll give you my regular one as well via email. Thanks so much.