Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Day with Maria

Today will be a day of transition. Saying goodbye to Maria, leaving her town, going back to Sofia to a different hotel. But although I dread saying goodbye to her this means that I'm on my way to meet Sofia. What a bittersweet feeling to have to leave one daughter behind in order to meet the other.
Yesterday's visits were wonderful. We were able to be outside again although towards the end the wind really picked up and started to sprinkle. More smiles, more vocalizing, more hugs, more kisses.
Maria was all about the lotion yesterday. She had gotten comfortable enought to dig through the bag I used to bring toys for her to play with. She found the lotion bottle and gestured for me to open it. The marathon began of me putting some on her hands helping her rubbing it in and then she would take a tissue and wipe it all off and then we started over again.
I guess I have to edit that she was all about the lotion - I should have said all about the lotion and all about "patty-cake" Oh my gosh - maybe a half an hour of repeating it and going through the motions! She even started chanting along with me. Not the words, but vocalizing right in time with the words.
We were lucky enough to see Mary's son Marty yesterday! While we were outside the Physical therapist came walking by with young Marin in tow! He looked great. He even wandered off a short ways while the PT was talking with Toni.
Mary was able to see Maria in July when she was there visiting Martin. I know how much that means for someone to see your child.
I will post some pictures from yesterday tonight when I get settled in the new hotel.

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