Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Day -first visit

This is one smart girl! She got right back up into the stroller and started our "Tap the shoe and knee" game. Then we went through the flash cards again and she really started trying to say the names of the colors. And when we got to the cards that had a picture of Donald Duck on it she said "duck".
And the director allowed us to see Mary's little boy Martin. They brought him in and he went straight to Toni and wanted up! Mary had made a very cool book for him out of the pictures from their visit with him and he sat and looked at the pictures on Toni's lap. It was a short visit, but I'm sure it's reassuring for Mary that we got to have our eyes on him and see that he's healthy and happy. We weren't allowed to take pictures of him.
I finally convinced Maria to get out of the stroller and she went over to the little table that had a bag of colored markers on it. She took all of them out of the bag and tried to write with them. They were mostly dried up and she wasn't successful but she didn't get frustrated. She just started taking off the caps and putting them back on. Hey Leslie, you aren't the only leftie anymore. Maria is definately prefering her left hand!
While she was looking at those I got out my measuring tape to see if she would let me measure her and she took the tape from me and immediately wrapped it around her waist and then her head! She knew exactly what the tape measure was for! She let me measure her and then I took her shoe off to trace her foot. She held still and after she got her shoe back on, she took her other shoe off and put it on the paper! She wanted both feet on that paper. What a doll. She's 40" tall. I think that's what Molly is. Jessica can you measure her and e-mail me? Thanks.
And Mom- she had on a pair of size 8 tennis shoes and they were too big- check out Beth's shoes, I think the new ones are bigger than that! (Beth is two years old)
And before we left today, Toni got her to say "Mama". It doesn't get much better than this!

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