Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Day-Afternoon visit

I need to add something that I forgot about this morning's visit. Marty and I were waiting in the lobby for them to bring Maria down and there she was with a different caretaker. She saw me and came over with a hug and then immediately started to sign "shoe" and chanted "shoe, shoe, shoe." The caretaker didn't understand but thought it was soemthing they apparently do with the kids so she started in doing some exercises with her. touching her toes and then stretching to the right and then the left. The whole time the woman was chanting something and Maria was keeping pace with the motions and chanting in time with the woman (although not with words). Just another example of how smart this little girls is...and her refrral says she is "severely lagging behind in her mental ability." Nowhere near severe!
Julia, the Bulgaria womens soccer team is staying in our hotel! They are in the restaurant each meal with us too! Very cool red sweats that say Bulgaria across the back.
So this afternoon the caregiver brought her down to the visit room and sure enough little Miss Routine got in the stroller and started in with the "tap the shoe and knee" game! We then moved into the flash cards and each time she is attempting approximations with the English color words. Then I moved her out of the stroller and distracted her from the stroller with marking pens and paper. She sat for the longest time carefully taking out each marker and taking the lid off, trying to color with these dried up pens and then carefully replacing the cap and putting each one back in the bag.

Each visit she is more sure of herself and more vocal. She is also smiling and laughing more. What a joy to watch this little person unfold!
For my next magic trick I will attempt to post some video! This shouldn't be tried at home. :-)

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Amy L said...

Linda, she is absolutely precious! It is just so awesome to see you there with her after looking at her picture for so long on RR. Praise God! Love you friend!