Monday, December 15, 2008


Cindi, thanks for sharing your dream and how God worked in your life to prepare you. Isn't it amazing!!! He has such wonderful plans for all of us if we would just trust Him.
My littlest one here has a few problems that I haven't shared yet, as I am waiting for a response from our pediatrician. God prepared me by having some foster children move into my home and gave me practice for what was to come. Had He not prepared me, I would have had to say no to her and miss out on this amazing baby. As it is I have an amazing peace about the future with her even if it isn't a long future. But then, how can we predict the time each of us has? I can see in her eyes that I am the best thing that's happened to her. She is already such a mama's girl and I'm so blessed with the peace I feel about her issues.
Thank you for sharing your experience...people would call these things coincidence, but all I need to do is look back over my life and see that it was a carefully laid out plan!!! Hugs! - Linda

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Dolores said...

Hugs and prayers, Linda!