Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday night Day 7 of being gone

I just talked with all my kids via video call on the computer. It's very cool. how does that work? it's so amazing. Jacob wanted to know if I was coming home at "5:00."
Another boisterous day with Myia. She just never runs down. She now knows the sign language signs for more, please, thank you, eat and all done (or all gone). She's starting to approximate English words too. I will point to something and say, "what's that?" and she will point and say "what's that?" fairly clearly. She also is saying "more" when she signs it. She seems to understand most of what I say to her. It's pretty amazing. Since I'm listening to her language via the attorney and the translator and people in stores and I'm not picking her language up!
Tomorrow the attorney will come over in the morning so we can take her back to the hospital for another "treatment". I'm not sure what it is. I'm hoping they'll let me watch so I can understand what it's all about. I was thinking it was asthma, but I have my stethescope and I'm not hearing any strider or wheezing so I'm not sure what they are going to do. It sounded like maybe it will be some kind of physical therapy with a ball. Hm-m well see. It's hard for my translator to understand the medical and developmental issues.
Molly Jane is really coming alive. I think she was just totally confused the first night. She is pusing herself to a propped sit and she is scooting with one leg all over the apartment. She kind of does a modified combat crawl. She's very quiet, but after her nap before I got her up she was babbling really nicely. She's just a very docile and somber personality. VERY OPPOSITE of Myia!
Here's a potential glitch for the worriers out there. My homestudy and my USCIS form says I'm approved for two children ages 2-10. Never thinking, of course, that I would get anyone under two. So we're going to make a stop at the US Embassy tomorrow after the hospital and ask if there's going to be a problem or do I need to resubmit MORE paperwork.
The attorney seems to think it will be March before I get the girls home:-((( Well, I've waited this long for them, I'll wait some more. Very disappointing though.
Sandy, I've had to move my return flight home. I won't be home on the 19th like I thought. I leave here on Saturday 20 thand get home Sunday nightthe 21st. I had to move the flight because it took so long to get the girls. I had to have two full weeks with them. Would you check with Charlie and Liz and see if they want you to find someone for that weekend? Maybe Amy or Jessica or Julie might too. It's up to them, but I'm sure they're going to be tired. They had Makayla there this weekend too. Thank you for checking with them.
Today I watched High School Musical three on tv and it was in English! They had the Russian written below. Still the only reliable channel in English is CNN. Once in awhile there's a soccer or skiing program in English. They have Discovery and Animal Planet and Cartoon Network but they have it dubbed so you really can't follow it. There was a show on about The Beatles. I watched it anyway, even though I couldn't understand it just to see the old footage. Most of it I hadn't seen because it was when they were touring over here in Germany, etc.
Hoping tomorrow goes smoothly for Myia. today I tried to put her coat on her to walk to the garbage can with me and she wouldn't put it on. She kept saying "Ne ata" (no bye bye) so I stood her at the window where she could see me while I ran outside to the garbage container. I think that was a good sign that she didn't want to leave. Hopefully she'll go quietly tomorrow. i don't want her screaming as I'm trying to put her in the car they'll think I'm kidnapping her! Where's that Embassy number just in case! :0)


Meredith said...

Hey Linda! I'm so happy reading your blog each day and seeing that it's finally the day that God has opened His hand of blessing to you and your family! I've been going to bed each night and telling Mike about the next step in your process and all about your girls.

Thanks for sharing everything with us!

Also, about the homestudy, I do believe it will have to be amended state-side, before the USCIS paperwork can be completed. They'll need to have your HS agency send the corrected study to the USCIS and it shouldn't take long at all. A week maybe tops but does it have to be done during this trip??

One of the other couples adopting from ukraine when I was there had this issue because they were approveed up to 3 years and their daughter was 40 months. They spent one extra day there but that was all.

Hugs and prayers to you!

Alice said...

Praying for a quick and easy resolution to the paperwork glitch. It sound like you're having fun! It must be so hard to be so far away from all the others, though.

Anonymous said...

I was so hoping that they could come home sooner... :(
It is great that you are getting some bonding in now though. Praying that all goes well tomorrow.

Amy said...

Hi Linda,
Myia sounds like so much fun! Caleb is very busy too, they would probably hit it off!! I think you're right, she did not want to leave you. How wonderful is that?! She is probably having so much fun with all of the love and attention you are giving her.:) Just wait till she gets on that plane to come home with you:):) I will pray for a quick fix to your paperwork.

schoolmother said...

Linda, I LOVE to read your entries. I don't know if the girls I have concocted in my mind look anything like the real ones, but they are sure cute :) I am so very happy for you but I do know how very hard it is to be away from your other children.