Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday - one week left

The days are blurring into each other. I have to keep figuring out what day it is.
We have a routine going and it works well for all of us. I'm up at my usual 5-6am but the girls sleep until around 7-8 which is perfect for when they come home. From 5-7am there is an old movie on TMC whcih is only on in the middle of the night. And it's in English! At 7am it becomes a Russian channel and I'm back to only having CNN in English.
At home the kids get dressed before they come to the table for breakfast, but with these girls
I feed them first because Myia is always very hungry in the mroning. She makes anxious noises until I put the food on the table in front of her. This morning it was scrambled eggs. I fix their breakfast and sit with Myia while she eats. I put Molly in the stroller since there's no high chair and feed her. Then after breakfast I wash dishes (no dishwasher - I'm so spoiled) and then get them dressed. Then it's time for the laundry which takes all morning even though it's only one load. It's the tiniest front loading machine I've ever seen. it basically holds a days worth of clothes for the three of us and that's it. One night Myia's diaper leaked and I had to wash sheets - that's all that fit into the machine - two sheets. Then because there's no dryier and very little room to hang clothes, I take down the clothes that I washed the day before and hang up today's. They're stiff from drying over the radiator. (wow am I spoiled.) The water here turns every thing grey - note to myself to not bring anything white next trip) Then it's playtime for all three of us. Usually I read through the books I've brought for Myia and she's starting to understand the pictures. She's pointing to the ones she likes - the cow is best. She's starting to say "What's that?" although it sounds like "whas zat?"
I'm doing joint compressions with Molly and wish I had brought the brush for brushing her, but I'll start that once I have her home. By 11:30 it's time to start lunch which for them it's the big meal of the day. I'm trying to follow their orphanage schedule so they don't get too far out of their routine. Today we had spanish rice and something called biezpiens. It's sort of like cottage cheese/sour cream with chives in it. It was good. Molly had baby food...the social worker read the labels for me so I could be sure there was no milk in them. When I bought them at the grocery store I just went by the pictures on the labels because I don't undersand the words, but when I found out about her milk allergy I got worried about feeding her the commercial baby food because I couldn't read it. Today she had rabbit. When the social worker read that to me I could feel myself shudder...that's not a meat that our family is used to. But I guess they have it a lot here.
After lunch it's more dishes and then naptime for them. I have to sit in the bedroom with Myia. for the first few days when it was nap time I was so tired from the jet lag that I would lay down with them and sleep.. Now that I'm not needing the nap, Myia has discovered all the interesting things in the drawers and if I'm not right with her she's into everything. For example, she found my glasses and broke the stem right off. So needless to say, I sit in the bedroom now just until she's asleep. That's my time to read or play on the computer. I don't always get a signal in the middle of the day, but occasionally I do. I feel so blessed that there's some unsecured signals that I can pretty much count on that come at night.
After nap time I've been taking them out into the "square" (the area in between the buildings.) It's really a parking lot, but there's usually only a few cars parked here and Myia loves to chase the pigeons.
Then we go back in and have snack. And then it's "free time" that's what the orphanage calls it. I call it watch CNN time and see if I can find out what's happening in the rest of the world.
Then it's bath's another snack and bedtime by 8pm. And again for the first week I was going to bed when they did. Now I'm managing to get an hour of reading or Spider Solitare in before I go to bed.
A week from today I'll be back on the plane heading for home. I can't wait to see my other set of kids!


Alice said...

It must be so hard to feel split in the middle-loving the time with the girls, yet missing the kids at home. Soon you will have them all together! I just wish you didn't have to leave and go back. That will be hard. Thinking of you and praying for you often.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I am writing to ask you again about the Holiday party for the kids here. I am planning on inviting Jessica anyway as a camp counselor so hopefully she can come but Christie also said that she would be happy to pick up the kids in her van and be with them at the party. Our family was so sad when I told them that the Duncan's wouldn't be there this year. I know that it is difficult to think about arranging anything more from clear over there but with your permission I think that we can arrange it here. Charlie and his wife are welcome to join us as is Molly, and anyone else who wants to come including your mom and dad. We have lots of room this year. So if you give me permission I will take care of all of the arrangements. But I will also honor your wishes and let it go if you choose not to do it. Just let me know. I think of you many times a day. It is quite cold here today--about 30 now and with some wind. Nickolas is 14 today. Taking the kids to look at Christmas lights tonight.
Blessings Julie