Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tammy and Lori

Tammy and Lori, Thanks so much for getting the word to Dolores. I am so happy for her, I can't stop thinking about her and Little Lucy Noel! How wonderful! Tammy, my coffee buddy, thanks for keeping the pot going while I'm gone. I'm telling you the jet lag has lingered all week. Good thing I promised the Orphanages that I would follow their routine which means the girls get a nap after lunch and I've been laying down with them and have slept both afternoons! I'll probably just get used to the time change about the time I head back! These girls are a wonderful Christmas gift, I just wish I could take them home when I leave here on the 2oth. Hopefully court will be in January sometime and I can come right back! My attorney was telling me about a new change that could shorten the last trip here. It seems the US is waiving the girls need to have a visa. That would eliminate about a weeks wait in country! That would be great. He says we'll stop in at the embassy and talk to them about it. I sure hope so.
Thanks again to you both for alerting Dolores! hugs, Linda

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Anonymous said...

A shorter wait would be great. You are most welcome. I sit here and every hour check your blog for updates...lol... oh my am I becomeing a blog stalker? Hmmm. if only they could both fit in your suitcase then you could sneak them back home and return them LOL.. Wow I need to lessen up on the coffee. Praying all is well with you today. It is snowing here so I am having a computer day. Hugs xoxoxo Tammy