Friday, December 5, 2008

RR Friends!

To my RR friends....I just realized how you can see Molly...she is Missy on the Angel Tree! :-)


Lori & Family said...

So happy to hear about your girls but can not find a Missy on Angel Tree.

Rachel said...

I could not find "Missy" either. However, I think Molly is the perfect name for your new sweetheart. I have a cousin Molly, a few years younger than me who is the first person that I ever met who had Down Syndrome. She is a very special young lady.

Cindi said...

I'm so happy for you but I can't find a Missy on the tree!!! I so can't wait for pictures of your little angels.

Missy, Simon's new mommy said...

Probably since she's been placed, Missy's been removed from the tree. :o)

But I remember her, and though her picture was very fuzzy, she was adorable!!!