Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday night - It's snowing!

I'm on the window sill with the computer up against the window...And it's snowing! it just started about 20 minutes ago.
I wondered if I was going to be getting a signal tonight. I wonder if it has to do with the snow. i still don't understand how any of this computer stuff happens.
Today was the final meeting with the social worker. We're old freinds now. She brought a collegue with her. Myia was adorable, putting on the woman's shoes and trying to get into her purse.
Even Molly Jane was perky for her and was "showing off" her babbling, clapping and waving. She's learned so much in just these two weeks.
So tomorrow is my last full day with them. Thursday they go back to the orphanage and then Friday morning is orphan court where I go and petition the courst to adopt these two sweeties. The social worker says it will be a good report from her. I'm not surprised, but i am relieved.
I changed my flight again, I was able to get a non stop from Frankfurt. I still won't be home until Sunday but I'll get home around 1pm instead of 9pm so that's worth the little bit of extra money it cost to change the flight. ($50 - yeah Golden Rule Travel!!!)


Dolores said...

Snowing here, too. :o( I hope all goes well for you in the next few days! Sounds like the girls are blossoming in your love.

Alice said...

Enjoy your time. Soon you will be back home with the ones you are missing! I will be praying for all you the next few days, saying "goodbye", court, and travel. I won't have much chance to write, but I will make time to pray!