Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh my friend! How wonderful! I wish I could e-mail you direct, but can't send e-mails! Lucy Noel! She is absolutely precious and who would have guessed, my friend that a couple of ol' ladies like us would end up with another baby!!! Isn't our God awesome!!!?? I couldn't be happier for you -how perfect. I think back to our e-mails off list this summer about how we were wondering what God was up to with us! Now we both know!!!! Love and hugs to you! RR friends, would someone e-mail Dolores and let her know I have this message here for her. I'm sure she has her hands to full to be following my blog!!! What an awesome God!!! When He puts it in your heart - He delivers!!!!

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Dolores said...

Thank you Linda, yes He is an AWESOME GOD!!!

I'm so pleased that we got our babies at the same time, too. :o)

So happy here, and yes, so busy! I bet you are too!