Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm home - Merry Christmas!

I came home Sunday afternoon to 10 inches of snow!
It was beautiful, but is going to make finishing my shopping very tricky. I will only update the blog when I get news about my next trip which probably won't be for several more weeks. I intend to spend as much time with this part of my family as possible. They were very good while I was gone, but by the last week, the changes in their life was taking a toll.
Thanks for taking this journey with me and check in with this blog in about a month nd I'll hopefully have news about the date of my next trip. God bless and Merry Christmas!!


Meredith said...

I'm so happy to come to my computer and see updates on you and yours now. After your blogging hiatus it's like an early Christmas present :)

I nominated you for an award if you'd like to accept it :)


Chery Z said...

Linda - I'm so thrilled for you! Love & hugs,
Cheri in NH

WannaBe Mom said...

Welcome Home Linda!!!
I'm sure it all feels a bit exhausting right now. But there truly isn't anyplace like home, huh? Enjoy your family and the holiday. I'll keep you posted on my end of the journey. Now, go eat chocolate and take a long, long bath with candles...you deserve it.

Greg Wineman said...

We are proud of what God is doing through you for His children. Welcome home. God Bless You.
Happy New Year. We love you.
RV Town