Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday night Day 14 of being gone

Today I took the girls for a walk. Myia did really good hanging onto the stroller and staying right next to me. We only went two blocks because it was so cold. It really helped getting some fresh air though. I'm going to take them out again tomorrow and buy Myia some shoes. She only has a pair of boots that the hospital gave her. The orphanage had sent her to the hospital in sandals and they hospital kept the sandals and gave her the boots. Hopefully if i buy her some shoes they'll let her keep them until I can come and get her.
I caught my landlord out in the court yard and told her I would need to stay for another day and she was fine with that. She'll stop by tomorrow to get the rent for one more day.
It's kind of funny, but the money here feels like play money. Like I could spend it all and not be out anything. I know that's not true, But it just doesn't seem like money.
It's only 6 pm and both girls are asleep. After dinner i put their pj's on them and we sat down to flip channels on the tv and they noth just about fell asleep on the couch so I brought them in here to the bedroom and they both went to sleep. I'll probably pay for this quiet evening tomorrow morning, but it seems like a good trade off right now.


Amy said...

Hi Linda,
Hug those sweet little daughters of yours for me!:)

Anonymous said...

i emailed you privately on your comcast email. I know you can't respond to me via email but thought I would send it via email and then you can simply answer me via the blog.
stay warm--we are trying to here.